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Given the helpful placement of the most active of the outer planets, this could be a banner year for change of a positive nature. No, you will not have winning lottery tickets raining from the sky, as the two planets whose movements can be most beneficial will require, above all, a long-term commitment on your part. Jupiter and Saturn are your helpers this year, in part through their conjunction in Aquarius (your house of partnerships and competitors) late in 2020, and their squares to Uranus early in 2021. The first signals an opportunity for the commitment just mentioned, while the second can help you overcome any doubts about making a big change at this point in your life. Neptune is mostly in the background, though you need to keep an eye on it, given its tendency to tempt you to ignore details. Pluto, still lurking in your solar 6th, is mostly out of the picture. But you, of course, are firmly in the picture, so it’s important to make a plan for the year ahead right now. You can be a winner, but it’s up to you to take that first step!

Your Special Message

Born July 23-August 1: Early in 2021 you may have to make a big decision. Plan for it.

Born August 2-August 12: From February to mid-March of 2021, luck is on your side, but don’t push it too far.

Born August 13-August 22: Kudos come to you in November, but hard work is the theme for the rest of the year.


JUPITER begins your

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