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Our writers expand their (and our) horizons in an eclectic range of astro-centric books. Below are some recently published volumes by AS&T contributors.

The contact paradox: Challenging our assumptions in the search for extraterrestrial

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Australian Sky & Telescope1 min lettiAstronomy & Space Sciences
Celebrating Celestial Seas
Every year the Auckland Astronomical Society holds the Harry Williams Astrophotography Competition, and each year it attracts the most amazing photos from some very talented astrophotographers, each of them sharing their views of the cosmos as seen f
Australian Sky & Telescope2 min lettiAstronomy & Space Sciences
A ‘Well Matured’ Comet
Early autumn 2021 will see yet another comet discovered using the Asteroid Terrestrial-Impact Alert System (ATLAS) come within the visual range of small telescopes. Discovered with the 0.5-m Schmidt telescope at Mauna Loa on September 12 last year (a
Australian Sky & Telescope7 min lettiAstronomy & Space Sciences
Picturing Galaxies
BEYOND THE MILKY WAY, there are a seemingly limitless number of galaxies that stretch to the edge of the observable universe. Except for all but the nearest dozen or so, their great distances from us make them appear maddeningly small and faint. Addi