Dumbo Feather

Resilient Channon

The dramatic Mt Nardi/Terania fires of November 2019 made climate change very real and personal for our small rural community of The Channon in Northern NSW. Our rainforests were burning—the same rainforests that had been protected from

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Dumbo Feather8 min letti
The Power of Going Local
Local. A simple concept with the potential to change the world. The antidote to consumer capitalism. The key to solving our seemingly endless ecological crises. A guiding principle to take us back home: to community, to the natural world, and to pros
Dumbo Feather21 min letti
David Holmgren Retrofits The Streets
David Holmgren Permaculture educator Nathan Scolaro Brenna Quinlan Hepburn, Australia April, 2020 One of the great legends of our time, David Holmgren is best known as the co-originator of permaculture, which he introduced to the world with his good
Dumbo Feather3 min letti
The Village Well
The Village Well in the simplest terms is a local lending organisation, similar to a bank. It’s an alternative to putting money with one of the big banks. As we know, banks take the money you deposit, give you a small return, and then lend that money