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May is a time of scrutiny. The vegetable patch is visited twice daily and examined with rapt attention for any sign of the miracle that is germination.

Nest boxes, put up in January, claimed by tits and robins in March, clutches laid in April, are now avidly studied for a glimpse of their fledglings. The skies are scanned for returning swifts and swallows, ears cocked for the cuckoo’s call or nightingale’s evening

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The Ultimate Shooting Quiz Team
BASC’s head of firearms and global authority on guns Airgunner and journalist from the West Country Vintage gun expert, firearms dealer, author and journalist Shooting Times rifle reviewer and stalker Highly regarded writer and ornithologist NGO
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Woodcock Falls Under Way
Of all the UK’s migrant quarry species, only European white-fronted geese are yet to arrive as woodcock falls begin. Early signs that a fall of the birds was under way included a sudden movement by Fonthill Abbie II, the GWCT-tagged woodcock, which
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Sporting Answers
Q I watched a stag during the recent rut and it was active and dashing about after a group of hinds, but spent a lot of time sneezing and shaking its head. My stalking companion couldn’t get a fair shot at it and we eventually gave up and moved on to