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“Forcing Yourself Into Basic Competency Reframes The Experience”
For the last year or so, I’ve only associated Sekirowith frustration and anxiety. I wrote about beating the final boss using a slow-motion mod when Sekiro released, which led to dozens of death threats in the inbox and mentions, and to a meme big eno
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Space Management
Realmforge Studios’ Spacebase Startopia is a homage to one of my favourite management games. More than an homage, really, as it lifts pretty much everything from the original Startopia, even the name – it’s more like an unofficial remake. After two d
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Onomichi Memories
Come and meet the famous ramen-headed mascot, Ono Michio. Try a spot of spearfishing, just beware of the giant emperor squids. Receive a boon by gifting statues the assorted detritus of your inventory. The perfect spot to plan a full-scale war aga