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Just Deserts
This is one of those games that’s lovely to play but difficult to write about without sounding like the sort of person who uses words like ‘lilting’ in conversation. Very little happens, but in a way that makes you nicely introspective – like being s
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The Ancient Dead
Hard to kill, these light infantry aren’t slowed by terrain or bowshot. A thick shield wall, sometimes with pikes in the second rank. A heavy two-handed cleaver may tire a man, but not these ancient ones.
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“Here, Have A Lighthouse In Your Face. Have A Tiny Tank. A Bridge For You”
I am World War II’s biggest jackass. For one thing, I’m terrible about firearm safety – the main problem being that if I have a firearm, I always want to be firing it, sometimes into people’s arms. Other times I hold my sidearm next to a person’s hea