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from growing your own vegetables to doubling – or even quadrupling – your ornamentals without having to pay extra for them, these projects can turn barren into bounty, squish into success and make towers of power. Don’t let the chill curtail you. Imagine what you’ll be looking at and harvesting in a few months!


Every two or three years you need to dig up your agapanthus and divide them. You can tell they need

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Madeleine Pans
BUY NOW! ONLY $19.95 FOR 2* You can create a variety of gorgeous goodies and enjoy delicious results with your silicone madeleine pans – perfect for dainty French madeleines and other cakes, chocolate-making and so much more. The flexible silicone ma
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BEGONIAS Beguiling
Get the best of both worlds – foliage that dazzles and flowers that enchant. Whatever you need, there’s room for a begonia, be it a sinuous, statuesque cane begonia or a mass of little waxy wonders that turn your beds into blazes of colour. Or, pick
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Craft for Kids
Whether it’s a special occasion or ‘just because’, awards are fun to make, give and receive. A plethora of polka dot, striped and other patterned paper baking cases to choose from promotes creativity. • Assorted regular-size and mini paper cases • Sc