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Do More With Contacts
Some apps, such as WhatsApp, work with CallKit, so you can use Siri to call via that app. Tell Siri “call [name] with WhatsApp audio” and Siri will initiate an audio call with that app. If Siri doesn’t pronounce a contact’s name correctly, correct it
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10 Years Of IPad
When Apple unveiled iPad in January 2010, skeptics scoffed. It was just a giant iPod touch, they said. In a way, sure, it was — but it was also a wondrous breakthrough device that became category–defining. At the launch, Steve Jobs sat back in an arm
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6 Apps To Improve Your Memory
People say that video games rot the brain, but many app games can actually help you improve your concentration and other mental skills. In fact, there’s an entire industry of ‘brain training’ apps that use games and tests to exercise the mind and im