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Tina’s Legacy
In 1980 when Rob was 18 years old he purchased his first scooter, a Spanish Jet 200, and since then all of his Jackpot scooters up to Jackpot No. 8 have been full-bodied Spanish Lambrettas. However, with the development of Jackpot No. 8 he stayed wit
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★ Star Letter ★
Dear Dan, Within the broad church of the scootering community there are certain members who are quite fastidious, paying careful attention to detail and ensuring that each nut, bolt and washer is genuine, original and model specific. Some also read
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Epic Tribute
Although this scooter is obviously a Vespa chop, and a memorial to a poignant happening in the not-too-distant past, it isn’t quite as simple or straightforward as it seems. Granted, there’s been a profusion of Vespa scooters that have been used as a