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Q I have had some blood tests looking at why my hair is so thin. My doctor told me my iron level was normal but when I went back about something else, another doctor told me I should be taking iron supplements. I’m confused. Who is right?

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ASK THE Doctor
Q A week ago my dog pulled quite violently on the lead. I didn’t think too much of it at the time, but a couple of days later my shoulder became very painful. It’s now keeping me awake at night. Some people tell me I should rest it, others say I have
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A SORE THROAT Saved My Boy’s Life
Kelly Green, 39, Camden, NSW Chase has tonsillitis,’ said the GP, looking at my four-year-old’s sore throat. ‘Can you check his tum while we’re here?’ I asked. ‘It’s a bit bloated.’ Assuming Chase was getting chubbier, I’d asked his grandparents to
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A Meaty Mishap
Opening the front door, I pulled my sister, Claire, in for a big hug. ‘I missed you – can’t wait for a proper catch up,’ I said. ‘Me too; it’s been way too long,’ she smiled. Claire and I were always close, but the past few years had been different