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6 Reasons To Self-build
LOCATION: SUFFOLK Designer: Modece Architects “For many years we had dreamed of building a house, but plots proved to be more expensive than we realised, and very elusive,” says Mary Williams, who, with her husband Barry, self-built for the first ti
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The Floorplan
Placing the staircase along the front of the house on the north-east elevation allowed for a large kitchen-living-dining room. Floor-to-ceiling glazing in this open-plan space faces south-west to maximise light and capture long-reaching rural views.
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What Does A Low-carbon Future Look Like?
The government presented its 10 Point Plan for reducing carbon emissions in the future, in late 2020. Following this, the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy presented a white paper to parliament, titled ‘Powering our Net Zero Fut