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Even if you don't suffer from anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts, photography. A more recent book on Buddhist-inspired approaches to image making is by Andy Karr and Michael Wood. It's full of exercises to help you see the world in more spontaneous and ‘mindful' ways, without worrying too much about prescribed techniques or specialist gear. AP features editor Tracy Calder also runs mindful photography courses in the New Forest – email .

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Amateur Photographer1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
ISO And Noise
The crops shown below are taken from the area outlined above in red At low sensitivities the EOS R6 delivers finely detailed images with barely any noise. Just beware that the ISO 50 setting is more prone to clipping highlights than ISO 100. There’s
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Letter Of The Week
I hope the ‘Back in the day’ feature hasn’t run its course, particularly as I was hoping that the 23 August 1967 issue might one day feature. The black & white cover photograph of an Irish guardsman was mine, and at 84 I think I may be the oldest of
Amateur Photographer1 min lettiTechnology & Engineering
Focal Points
The EOS R6 employs twin UHS-II SD card slots for storing files. It’s possible to record different file types to each card, use them sequentially, or back up files to both. Canon’s 2130mAH LP-E6NH battery is rated for 380 shots using the EVF, or 510 w