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Even if you don't suffer from anxiety, depression or suicidal thoughts, photography. A more recent book on Buddhist-inspired approaches to image making is by Andy Karr and Michael Wood. It's full of exercises to help you see the world in more spontaneous and ‘mindful' ways, without worrying too much about prescribed techniques or specialist gear. AP features editor Tracy Calder also runs mindful photography courses in the New Forest – email .

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Amateur Photographer1 min letti
Round Two Winner, Young Apoy
If any image demonstrates that wildlife photography doesn’t have to be about frame-filling animal portraits in colour, it’s this one, which was overwhelmingly popular with our judges. The humble pigeon is just as valid a subject as any glamorous – or
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Camera Club Competition
In this year’s APOY, entrants can win points for their camera clubs – all you need to do is select your club from the dropdown menu when you upload your images. Whatever points you are awarded are then added to your club’s overall tally. That’s what
Amateur Photographer4 min lettiScience & Mathematics
We now have software programs such as Luminar which offer unbeatable facilities for adding skies accurately to images. I know because I have tried it. Luminar supplies a large number of skies with the program some of which are superb, such as night s