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Counter Intuitive

nce upon a time, kitchen countertops were considered purely utilitarian surfaces, workhorses meant to stand up against the wear and tear of food preparation. Those days are over. Today’s countertops are prized as important design elements that contribute to the overall appearance of your home — and rightfully so. After all, thanks to open-concept design, they’re on display 24/7.

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Log Home Living2 min lettiArchitecture
Elements That Have a Major Impact on Costs
Don Downs, southeast regional project manager at Woodhouse: The Timber Frame Company in Mansfield, Pennsylvania, and a classically trained handcrafter with 30 years of construction experience, says that at home shows, their booth displays large photo
Log Home Living2 min letti
Winter’s Splendor
Winter is a time of necessary dormancy, when plants and trees concentrate on nourishing their roots and getting cozy for the winter (a seasonal routine for people, too). But that doesn’t mean your landscape has to look bleak until spring. Whether you
Log Home Living5 min lettiEconomics
Built-in Savings
As a builder, I’m not just a guy that assembles houses; I’m also an advisor. The first thing I make sure my clients understand is that a full-scale, custom log or timber home will cost more than a conventional stick-framed house. It’s simply the real