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Top Jobs For April
Onions are shallow rooting and they suffer from competition if the bed is full of weeds. Keep the soil clean and don’t let it dry out if you want to grow some lovely large onions for lifting in the summer. Sow different types of kale and you can harv
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Joyce’s Tips For Getting The Best Out Of Your Folding Bench
■ Make sure legs are vertical and slide the shelf between them. The holes at each end should slip neatly over the protruding screws on the leg crossbar and wall support. This system provides stability and rigidity to the structure. ■ Choose the best
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Encourage Good Pollination
Trees may be full of blossom over the next few weeks, but this doesn’t automatically ensure that trees will be full of autumn fruit. Those flowers need to be pollinated to make fruit set, so try following a few techniques to aid the process: ■ Learn