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Collecting MLB Lineup Cards Is Like Collecting A Piece Of History
Barely a blip on baseball memorabilia’s sales radar screen, Major League Baseball lineup cards—including both dugout and official batting order cards—continue to tell their own unique stories of baseball’s history. Trying to calculate annual lineup c
Sports Collectors Digest4 min letti
Mantle's ’52 Card Inspires Heavy Bidding
THAT CARD AGAIN — As if Mickey Mantle’s 1952 Topps card didn’t get enough attention in SCD two issues ago, when it appeared as the cover story. Well, here it is again, leading a wild month of online bidding. Seller PWCC Auctions listed a wonderfully
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Remembering 1989-90 NBA HOOPS
Basketball cards received a much-needed upgrade during the 1989-90 season when upstart card company Hoops stormed onto the scene. For the previous three years, only Fleer had made basketball cards, and at just 132 cards per set, they literally were n