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There was a time when I could—rather confidently—make ammunition that was more accurate than the factory stuff. In fact, it was that attribute that led to my love of reloading. There was also a time when the final cost of reloaded ammunition was radically lower than purchasing premium ammunition. Looking at the rising costs of components, that might need to be re-evaluated as well.

Each year, fewer reloaders are casting and shooting their own bullets—although those who do are fervent about that pastime—and those reloading for the economic benefits seem to be scratching their heads, because the bulk packages of the most popular cartridges have become much more available and affordable.

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Glock P80
The term “retro” is all the rage lately, with some gun companies making “retro” versions of their most popular models. The term also has different meanings for everyone. For me, it means something that’s modern yet brings back memories of yesteryear.
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Lending A Third Hand
Back when I was in martial arts, we worked hard to improve hand strength. Knuckle push-ups, fingertip push-ups and tossing bags of sand back and forth were standard practice, and we were dedicated. Not everyone can do that, and not everyone has the o
Gun Digest7 min letti
Tiny Terminal Performance
With regard to the terminal performance of centerfire rifle and handgun ammunition, the written word has probably used up enough paper to deforest a national park. Not only is it a favorite topic for gun writers to pontificate on, it fuels a lot of g