Lion's Roar

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We are in the midst of an incredible moment for the world: shocking and painful, but also filled with examples of genuine compassion, selflessness, generosity, and courage.

Many around the

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Lion's Roar7 min letti
On The Trail Of Birth And Death
As I hike in Berkeley’s Tilden Park with my friend Lucy, I am reciting a Buddhist verse to myself, its singsong melody following the crunch of our hiking boots and the tap-tap-tap-tap of our walking poles. All things are impermanent.They arise and th
Lion's Roar1 min letti
Words Of Zen
ZEN: The Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese character for Chan, which is in turn a transliteration of the Sanskrit word dhyana, meaning “meditation.” ZAZEN: Literally “seated meditation”; a broad term encompassing Zen meditative practices from koa
Lion's Roar2 min lettiSelf-Improvement
Shinzen Young
I SOMETIMES SAY: “I’m a Jewish-American Buddhist teacher who got turned on to comparative mysticism by an Irish-Catholic priest and who has developed a Burmese-Japanese fusion practice inspired by the spirit of quantified science.” I was born in 1944