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COVID-19 could shake the foundations of higher education

Here's a thought experiment for you. Would you rather have a Princeton education, or do without the education but get the Princeton diploma?

Economist Bryan Caplan posed this question a couple of years ago in his provocative book, "The Case Against Education." It's a tougher question to answer than you might think. As Caplan put it, if you're stranded on a deserted island, a diploma from a survival training course isn't as valuable as the actual survival

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Clarence Page: President Trump Hates Mail-in Voting, Until He Doesn’t
OK, let’s try to get this straight. President Donald Trump doesn’t trust mail-in voting — until he does. For example, he denounced the very idea of voting by mail as an invitation to commit voter fraud, a bipartisan suspicion, and a problem which he
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Bill Press: Leading Psychiatrists Speak Up About Trump
In July 2016, when Donald Trump first appeared on the national political scene, commentators drained their thesaurus for colorful adjectives to describe him: outrageous, unique, unchained, reckless, controversial, free-wheeling, bombastic, unlike any
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Jonah Goldberg: If Mail-in Voting Will Be A Disaster, Why Isn’t Trump Trying To Prevent That?
President Trump’s delay-the-election trial balloon on Twitter last week was resoundingly denounced, and rightly so. Indeed, so thorough was the repudiation, including from top Republicans, that the president backtracked a little. “I don’t want to del