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5 Facts About Blood Replacement
It takes about two days for a red blood cell to be produced. 2 million red blood cells are produced every second. When giving blood, an adult can donate one of the ten pints in the average adult body. It takes the body 48 hours to replace blood pl
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Why We Need The Suez Canal
For the seafarers of the world, land is an obstacle to navigate. But this doesn’t always mean taking the long route around it to get from A to B. In the 1800s, a faster path was created for trade between continents. The result was the Suez Canal, a h
How It Works1 min lettiBiology
Colour Story
The coolest ring is the most diverse. With so many different species releasing all sorts of pigments, they all amalgamate as brown. The ridiculously high temperature of the centre of the spring means there are very few bacteria, if any. A microbe cal