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How to make a living machine

1 Biological blueprints

supercomputer compiles different coloured blocks, attributed to different cells, to work out the order and placement of these cells needed

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How It Works1 min lettiBiology
5 Facts About
These thick-kneed birds are known for their high-pitched calls that sound like a bone-chilling scream. It’s often hard to spot where the screams are coming from because their plumage also makes them blend in among leaf litter. The master of vocal m
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Coastal Erosion
As the tide rolls in, the force of the waves wears down the rock at the base of the cliff, forming a notch over time. With nothing underneath for support, the weight of the rock hanging above the wave-cut notch will eventually cause the cliff to coll
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Meerkats Happy To See Zoo Visitors Return
When humans flooded the zoo in South Africa after months of lockdown, the African penguins couldn’t have cared less about it. Meanwhile, the bubbly slender-tailed meerkats at a zoo in the UK seemed uplifted by their bipedal visitors. Researchers stud