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Testing for disease

If a doctor recognises symptoms of an autoimmune disease in their patient, they may ask them to take a blood test. This blood is then analysed using an antinuclear antibody (ANA) test. Antibodies are

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How It Works2 min letti
118 WallyPower
Concealing its every function in order to maintain the high engineering content of the yacht – as well as preserving its futuristic and sleek lines – the 118 WallyPower has arguably the most advanced aesthetics of any yacht in operation today. While
How It Works1 min letti
Lürssen Arkley
Lengthier and more voluminous than the smaller 41-metre Ocean Pearl, the Arkley by Lürssen is characteristic of this generation of superyachts. In terms of raw statistics the Arkley doesn’t disappoint. Sporting a 60-metre length and a displacement of
How It Works1 min letti
Stopping Sharks
Two electrodes are lowered into the water two metres apart. When submerged the electrodes emit an electrical field around the boat. The BOAT01 emits an electrical field in the water of around eight metres deep and six metres wide. A shark will percei