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Call to reduce antibiotic use

Shooting, game farming, gamekeeping and veterinary organisations have united to call for a further reduction in the use

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Best Birds Are Taken As Red
Once upon a time there was a bird called an ogridge. It was the invention of the now long gone Ormsby Game Services, of Louth in Lincolnshire. A hybrid between a redleg cock and a chukar hen, it was proclaimed as the partridge of the future. These tw
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News In Brief
Local people and Pakistani conservation officials have credited trophy hunting with saving the markhor. The screw-horned mountain goat seemed to be heading inexorably towards extinction due to overhunting until a trophy-hunting programme was set up t
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Dog Theft Hope
I was delighted to see on the television news that Nottinghamshire Police is taking dog theft seriously (News, 24 March). The country’s first dedicated dog theft officer, Chief Inspector Amy Styles-Jones (right), has vowed to reduce the heartache fel