1 Responsibility2 Fate3 The creation of man4 Man in Creation5 Hereditary sin6 God7 The inner voice8 The religion of love9 The Redeemer10 The mystery of birth11 Is occult training advisable?12 Spiritism13 Earthbound14 Does sexual continence further spiritual development?15 Thought-forms16 Watch and pray!17 Marriage18 The claim of children on their parents19 Prayer20 The Lord’ Prayer21 The worship of God22 Man and his free will23 Ideal human beings24 Cast all your guilt upon him!25 The crime of hypnotism26 Astrology27 Symbolism in the fate of man28 Faith29 Earthly possessions30 Death31 Departed this life!32 Miracles33 Baptism34 The Holy Grail35 The mystery of Lucifer36 The regions of Darkness and Damnation37 The regions of Light and Paradise38 World events39 The difference in originof man and animal40 The separation between mankind and science41 Spirit42 The development of Creation43 I am the Lord thy God! 44 The immaculate conception and the birth of the Son of God

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Appearances Can Be Deceptive
The fact that my geraniums were getting too much water pouring down from the floor above every day since the young tenants moved in, annoyed me for a long time. But when one day soapy water dripped down in a quick torrent and jumped off the railing s
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Volume I
For your guidance! 1 What seek ye? 2 The call for the helper 3 The Antichrist 4 Morality 5 Awake! 6 Silence 7 Ascent 8 Cult 9 Rigidity 10 Childlikeness 11 Chastity 12 The first step 13 TheWorld 14 The Star of Bethlehem 15 The conflict 16 Modern psyc
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A full-time clarinetist in an orchestra, Paul Schmitt’s lifelong quest to discover answers to seemingly unanswerable questions about human origin and existence, how the order of the world is organised, and whether man is a ‘biochemical machine’ or we