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Brute strength

Sandbag training has been used by the military for decades to ready soldiers for dragging or carrying awkward loads, whether it’s an injured comrade or, well, a bunch of sandbags. Now more and

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Australian Men's Fitness3 min lettiMedical
Meet The Frontman: Alex Crockford
Gracing the cover this issue is fitness model and personal trainer Alex Crockford. The 30-year-old believes in sustainable gains: lifestyle and training changes that can create fitness for life, rather than flash-in-the-pan diets and workout programm
Australian Men's Fitness2 min lettiBiology
Making Muscle
As your heart rate increases, blood is pumped into your muscles, warming them up and allowing them to extend fully. The blood also supplies muscle fibres with oxygen. From the start of a rep, your muscles are under tension and stretched. As a result,
Australian Men's Fitness1 min letti
Bfr Training
Also known as Occlusion Training, blood-flow restriction involves the application of a pneumatic cuff or ‘tourniquet’ applied to a limb. The cuff is inflated to a specific pressure during low-intensity resistance exercises (20-30 per cent of one-rep