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An Interceptor Undergoes Cosmetic Surgery
DURING THE LOCKDOWN, I WAS chilling on the porch of my house in Yamuna Nagar and scrolling through Instagram, admiring one custom build after another. Among those pictures, a beautiful café racer from French Monkey Designs caught my eye. When I looke
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Questions about the BMW G 310 R
@anchal_a3 asks: How does it handle and are there any vibrations? More on the handling front a few pages away. As for vibrations, well, this is a single-cylinder bike in a slightly higher spec of tune, so there will be a slight hint of buzz. However
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Adventuring On A Budget
BUILDING HYPE AND EXPECTATIONS THROUGH TEASERS and spy shots for the better part of two years, KTM drove the collective motorcycle community to the point of frustration before finally making their presence known in the small ADV segment with the laun