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From Mid-Life Divorce to Empowered Self: A Woman’s Journey to Living Again

From Mid-Life Divorce to Empowered Self: A Woman’s Journey to Living Again, by Fiona Eckersly. Photograph of a lotus flowing blooming by Clarence E Hsu.
Photograph by Clarence E Hsu

When her marriage abruptly ended, one woman found the strength to use her heartbreak as a catalyst to create a new, more open and loving life

Have you ever wondered how you can be so blissfully ignorant, yet at the same time be subtly aware that something isn’t quite right? 

If I really sat down to analyze it, I suppose I felt that way towards the end of my marriage. I had been unwell for a few years with a mysteriously vague, but disruptive, stomach issue that several doctors and various treatments could not seem to resolve.

At the time it never occurred to me that my discomfort was stress-related. How could it be? I had the perfect life, wonderful children, and a devoted husband.

In hindsight, I suppose there were quite a few things that I was holding back that I was not really happy about. That is how a marriage is though, right? I couldn’t expect to

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