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All-Round Indulgence


Raffles Spa: The Gem Suite Experience, $1,800++ for two guests for four hours

This indulgent half-day spa-cation includes a 120-minute treatment of your choice. Take your pick from holistic rituals, such as the Sumatra Healing Ceremonies or Chakra Deep Sleep Rituals, replete with your own private sanctuary, en-suite steam room, UV sauna, vitality pool, afternoon tea, and champagne.


Haach: Placenta Cell Revitalizing Program, $591 for 95 minutes

This skin-rejuvenating programme helps reduce skin folding, and wrinkles with the Oligopeptide Marine Essence Ampoule. Skin is also hydrated with the Oxygen Jet Infusion and Oxygenating Mask.



Erabelle: Japanese Sake Facial, $278.20 for 90 minutes

Lift the look of fatigue and remove skin dullness with this 12-step facial. Premium sake enriched with kojic acid and natural enzymes is infused into customised masks, while cold and hot compresses soften the skin and enhance radiance.


The Ultimate: YR Luminous Pearl Face Spa, $350 for 90 minutes

Get your glow on with pearl extracts and botanical ingredients. This boosts moisture levels, and fights free radical damage to leave skin looking youthful.


Cutis Medical Laser Clinics: Hydra-Clarifying Facial, $195 for 90 minutes

Harnessing hydra vacuum technology, this facial boosts lymphatic drainage and removes dead skin cells to purify the skin and boost circulation. It also infuses the skin with moisture, oxygen and skincare serums, while helping to alleviate the look of fine lines, wrinkles, enlarged pores, and under-eye dark circles.


Porcelain: Sun Rescue Facial Treatment, $298.55 for 60 minutes

Soothe and repair sunburnt skin with Korean medi-technology and oxygen therapy. This facial boosts microcirculation and the skin’s natural healing response, dousing it with oxygen, moisture and antioxidants for total skin rejuvenation.


Caring Skin: Plantomer Soothing Treatment, $318.86 for 90 minutes

This gentle plant-based facial helps to

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