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Sausage-Stuffed Peppers

TUFFED PEPPERS HAVE a retro charm I’ve always found appealing. But exemplary versions are rare; when I made a selection of promising-looking recipes for my colleagues, we were all disappointed. Most of the fillings were tasty enough, but the peppers in each version seemed like an afterthought. They were bland and either mushy or squeaky, and they toppled over on the plate, slumped over sideways, or split open and spilled their stuffing. Why couldn’t the pepper be just

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Strawberry Galette
ALTHOUGH STRAWBERRIES ARE delightful eaten out of hand—especially at the peak of ripeness in late spring—they become something truly sublime when baked into a dessert. Their flavor concentrates and intensifies as the liquid inside them cooks off. My
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Do You Need a Bowl Scraper?
WHEN WE HANDLE dough in the test kitchen, we often work with bowl scrapers. These small paddles with curved edges are made of plastic, nylon, or silicone, and they come in many shapes, sizes, and levels of sturdiness. We put together a diverse group
Cook's Country2 min lettiCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Burgers Born of Thrift
BORROUM’S DRUG STORE sits on a tidy stretch of East Waldron Street in Corinth, Mississippi, with an American flag waving out front. Inside, black-and-white checkered floors compete for attention with a wide array of local memorabilia. Red leather sto