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PICTURE THIS: The lockdown is over and you’re seated at a conference room at work when a new exec strides in. You’ve never seen her before, and you’re captivated. Her vibe? Commanding. Her energy? Infectious. Blame it on the fact that you’ve been self-isolating since forever, but all you want to do is blurt out: “Teach me your ways!” On the flip side, if a colleague always brings antagonism to meetings, you’ll

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Women's Health Australia2 min letti
The Magic Of Milestones
There’s something about a big, milestone birthday that naturally makes you stop and take stock. As women, we so often measure success – and what’s truly important – by these invisible yardsticks, as we blow out yet another set of candles on life’s bi
Women's Health Australia3 min lettiPsychology
Friends For Life
Honestly, I toyed for years with the idea of seeing a therapist. I knew the benefits: learning to form healthier relationships, having an outlet when sorting through life questions… the list goes on. But I always found an excuse for not booking. Mone
Women's Health Australia1 min lettiMedical
Can Exercise Really Reduce Time In Labour?
A 2018 clinical trial by the Technical University of Madrid suggests this theory has legs. Scientists found that total labour time was reduced in a group of healthy women who did moderate aerobic exercise three times a week during pregnancy, compared