Good Housekeeping South Africa



(22 June – 23 July)


Up until the 11th, your partner and friends are there for you. Then, for reasons that are no-one’s fault, you have to rely on yourself. Luckily, you have your intuition to guide you.

Self-care: Cultivate inner peace; hold something beautiful in your heart.


Rather than getting upset with others for not intuiting your needs, let them know what you want. There’s a hidden opportunity in the challenge your partner is facing. Help them explore the positive side of the situation.

Self-care: Experiment with singing, painting or writing in a journal.


(24 July – 23 August)


You can get ahead in your career by setting realistic goals and working steadily towards them. You and your partner aren’t on the same page, so for now agree to differ. Some friendships are fading, but new

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