Horses and People

In Every Crisis There is Always Opportunity

Photo by Linda Zupanc Ok, so most of us have been spending much more time at home than we would normally do. That’s a good thing, right?

Most people long to spend time at home, have a holiday, slow down, have more horse time and finally read that book that they have started months ago but somehow never found the time to finish.

For those who are lucky

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Effective Horse Cooling – as Recommended by the FEI
Hot or hot and humid environmental conditions are a serious risk to health and performance unless properly managed. Research into the effects of heat and humidity on horses during competition has been ongoing since the Atlanta Olympic Games. Here is
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From the Editor
Welcome to the January-February 2021 magazine! If you are anything like me, the past 12 months will have felt like a very long year, probably because we’ve had to cope with so much change. Recently, I learned that new experiences become memories when
Horses and People2 min lettiPsychology
CHECK IT OUT There’s something compelling about horses; their beauty, gentleness, and unassuming curiosity pulls us towards them and brings our hands out just to touch them. And there’s even something, almost impossible to explain, that makes us miss