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Upon the death of his father, the slave Nabi-sin must leave the kitchens of his master, where his father had been embellisher, or cook. His master apprentices Nabisin to Zarriqum, slave and royal seal cutter to the household of King Hammurabi of Babylon. Kirum, Zarriqum’s adopted daughter, escorts Nabi-sin to his new home and gives him an amber stone with a fire-bug trapped inside. Nabi-sin is delighted to learn that his master’s son, Mar-eshtar, works with Zarriqum. As boys, Nabi-sin and Mar-eshtar pretended they were the hero Gilgamesh and his companion Enkidu looking for adventure. When they meet again, Mar-eshtar tells Kirum how Nabi-sin once prepared a special drink for Old Taribum, a singer of tales. He added manna as a sweetener, not realizing that it was a very strong laxative!

The ambassador of Mari often comes to the workshop to see Zarriqum. One day he gives the seal cutter an expensive bowl as a gift. Although the ambassador has been sent as an envoy of peace to King Hammurabi’s court, he seems to enjoy ridiculing the people of Babylon, and Nabi-sin does not like him. Late one night Nabi-sin overhears the ambassador plotting with Zarriqum and Kirum to forge the seal of King Hammurabi. The ambassador will use the seal to make an official impression on a clay tablet that looks like a decree from Hammurabi, ordering his armies against Mari. The king of Mari, thinking that Hammurabi has broken the peace, will attack Babylon. Caught unawares, the city of Babylon will fall.

Nabi-sin confides what he has heard to Mar-eshtar and is horrified when his old friend seems to be in on the plan. When the ambassador discovers that Nabi-sin has stumbled onto the plot, he orders him tied up and announces that the tablet and seal must be finished immediately. In the kitchen, Mar-eshtar secretly tells Nabi-sin that King Hammurabi knows everything and that they are only pretending to go along with the ambassador. Mar-eshtar unties Nabi-sin so he can prepare

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The Letterbox
Dear Everybuggy, Hi! I know, I know, you’ve heard this a seption (1024 ) times, but I LOVE your magazine! I just have something to say (all from February 2020). Ladybug, you are correct! Hockey is very rough. Just don’t punch-fight. Wear protective g
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New Year’s Eve
The Old Year Is at the station Waiting for the train, A one-way ticket In his hand—He won’t be back again. Where is he heading? No one knows. Some place faraway, His luggage packed With memories Of each and every day. Happy memories, Sad ones, too—Th
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Old Cricket Says
CAN YOU IMAGINE spending a summer near the North Pole where the sun shines twenty-four hours a day? The sun is so low in the sky, the slanted rays create continuous daylight that lasts for months. What a summer that would be! Beth A. Clark tells me t