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Silver Strands
WHILE not everyone who gets it naturally welcomes it, grey hair has been considered a sign of wisdom and a life well lived. In more recent times, the younger generation has taken on the grey hair trend – proving it’s gorgeous and that anyone can rock
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Show Your Appreciation
We see posts empowering women daily. This note is to spread some love to the good men out there. We see you, struggling daily to provide for your families, being brave in a crime-infested world, standing by your women and children. We see you crying
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Air Fryer Magic!
Make your own spice mix for this mouthwatering dish. The air fryer ensures the chicken remains juicy while the skin turns beautifully crisp. SERVES 6-8 PREPARATION: 10 MIN MARINATING: OVERNIGHT COOKING: 35-40 MIN 10ml (2t) each cumin and coriande