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I may be an Olympic middle-distance runner, but I wasn’t born with a passion for running. What I did have right from the start was passion to move, to push myself, to feel the adrenaline. I always enjoyed being able to take on a challenge, and figure out ways to become better, to overcome weaknesses, and home in on my goals. Through this process I developed a hard-core passion for movement. I love how movement helps me carry on through my daily life with energy and pride. I love how movement also shows me that I am strong, I am resilient, and I have the tremendous ability to persevere and to overcome obstacles. I have the ability to take a challenge head-on, knowing it isn’t going to be easy, but knowing the hard-fought effort is worth it.

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Women's Running1 min letti
Parting Shot
Allyson Felix passes the baton to English Gardner during the Women’s 4 x 100-meter Relay at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Dreams may be on hold for now, but they won’t be forever—and the women of Team USA will be ready when that time comes. ■
Women's Running1 min letti
Women’s Running
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