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ohnson isn’t a name you will hear too much about on these shores but the Taiwanese shipyard has been building boats for over 30

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Motor Boat & Yachting10 min letti
First Time Love
There was a sweet fusion of nerves, exhilaration and freedom as we left the marina in Homps. For the first time in our lives we were motorboaters. Wispy clouds floated in the summer skies above us and the Canal du Midi rippled gently under the hull o
Motor Boat & Yachting8 min letti
The 10 Key Boating Stories You Need To Read
I’ve always been a big fan of Flemings. They just seem so well engineered for dependable CRUISING comfort. However, given that a low centre of gravity has always been a key part of that design philosophy, it will be interesting to see how this tallie
Motor Boat & Yachting4 min letti
Precious Fettle
walrus II is moored stern in, port side-on to our pontoon berth E13 in Poole. Despite the unlucky connotations of the number, she has suited and served us very well over the last three years. With the aft cockpit facing almost due west, many a glass