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PSA: your desktop icons could be cuter

Today in random things that make you feel super-accomplished and boss-like: an organisational glow-up. Follow these steps to turn those boring blue

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I Tested Positive For The Alzheimer’s Gene At 26 Years Old
the day I got my genetic test results, I ignored them. I came home from work and put on a big T-shirt and fuzzy pyjama pants. My long-time boyfriend (now fiancé) cooked dinner. I didn’t even mention that the e-mail from genetics and research company
Cosmopolitan South Africa4 min letti
How To Get Sh*t Done
Reading this as an excuse not to get started on that book idea or work project? You’re not alone. When it comes to achieving our ambitions, it can be all too easy to put off what needs to be done. Whether it’s because of fear, busyness or, er, a new
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Okay, So The Way You’re Reading This Mag Right Now ~reveals~ Something About You
You’re the type to show up right before the two-minute Uber grace period runs out and announce yourself like you’ve been waiting for hours. PS: we see you thinking about bailing on the rest of this page. Teachers called you out for texting in class,