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Why does this essay need to be told right now? What does it add to the current conversation? Include all this in your query letter. Maybe you know how to turn It’s much easier to say yes to a fully written, wonderful essay than a riskier pitch or story idea, especially if you’re new to a publication. Sorry, folks, there’s just no getting around this one. It may be an editor’s job to catch a typo here or there before it goes to print, but it’s not on us to do the lion’s share of grammatical work. Proofread your work incessantly before you pitch. It’s not just politeness, either: Errors pull us out of the world you’ve worked so hard to create on the page, and you want an editor to feel transported by your essay, not annoyed by errant commas or missing punctuation.

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Vestal Review
Aesop’s fables, those very short stories involving tortoises and hares and mice and such, are considered by many to be the first flash fiction. In more contemporary times, we have the literary flash magazine Vestal Review, founded in March 2000. Vest
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This Month On
We’re busy getting ready for our 2021 contest season, and we know it’s going to be an exciting one. Bookmark now so you never miss a writing competition. February’s the perfect time to celebrate romance. Join us on our blog as
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Setting the table
A table of contents is an odd little thing: usually forgotten in the heat of creating a first draft but so useful to focus, shape, and pace later drafts. At some point during the second draft – possibly a “blocked” day, when a manuscript’s progressio