June 2005

“There are fewer than 1 million professional journalists in this country. There are an estimated 8 million bloggers—and potentially 280 million more. Extending a limited professionbased privilege, one otherwise confined to priests, lawyers, and therapists, to the entire population could make the whole nation impervious to court orders. But limiting

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Reason3 min lettiCrime & Violence
Section 230 Haters Aren’t Going Away
SECTION 230 OF the Communications Decency Act, known to its fans as “the 26 words that created the internet,” shields social media and other digital platforms from legal liability for user-generated content. Although that protection has enabled myria
Reason4 min lettiPolitics
There’s Nothing Modern About Mmt
MODERN MONETARY THEORY (MMT) tells us that governments should finance public spending by creating money. To prevent inflation, MMT advocates say, the government should use taxes to siphon off excess purchasing power, which supposedly would enable the
Reason1 min letti
Want Me
How do we find our authentic sexual selves in a society so devoted to selling narrow visions of romance, beauty, and sexuality? Is it even possible, let alone desirable? These themes run through Want Me: A Sex Writer’s Journey Into the Heart of Desir