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A mixture of salt and lemon juice makes a great scrub for cleaning glass shower doors. Carol Mills, Leda, WA Store your pantyhose in zip-lock bags. It’s easier to find them in drawers and they also don’t get snagged. Jennifer Moore, Auckland, N
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A TASTE Of The Past
June Tulloh, 93, Laurieton, NSW Make a well in the centre of the flour, add a pinch of salt, and pour in the egg and milk,’ my dad, Phillip, instructed. ‘Mix but don’t over-beat the batter, Juney. That will make the pancakes tough.’ I was a little
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3 WAYS TO… Be More Optimistic
Our brains are hardwired with a negative bias so being thankful daily can increase happiness and foster optimism. Pessimists tend to view a failure in one area of their life as a failure in all areas, while optimists are more likely to view a failure