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‘Both my parents were freedom fighters. They didn’t fight for me to be told who I can vote on’

is leaving no, with a promise to put his X next to Trump’s name in the November presidential election.

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Which Money Personality Are You?
DID you know your childhood, your environment, career and lifelong exposure to financial matters have all contributed to shaping your money personality? Each person’s money personality has an influence on how they feel about money and how they intera
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Nature Triumphs
NEVER in their wildest dreams did they imagine their “little film” would enjoy this kind of success. Back when it all started, filmmaker Craig Foster was suffering from such bad burnout he’d become disconnected from his teenage son and his wife, Swat
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The Write Stuff
Journals are a great tool whether you want to track daily occurrences or need a little help remembering important things. Every page of YOU Quick Puzzles Journal features a beautiful design to make jotting down your to-do list or mapping a project pl