The philosophy of karma in Hindu belief transcends race and lifetimes. Each deed has a consequence and it can either affect

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Mega 05/21
What hasn’t the pandemic wreaked havoc upon? As hope rises in some nations, others still roil in hell. The vaccines may be there, mean s going to heal everything. Not the destroyed relationships, the mental disasters; no, those are going to take long
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Stuck With You
“Nothing from nature is good or bad. Natural things are just are; the only good and bad things are people’s various choices in the face of what is.” - David Foster Wallace The pandemic has pushed me to spend an unprecedented time with my family. It’s
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When we talk about suits we don’t just talk about clothes, we talk about precision, patience and a powerful energy that can only come from a perfectly tailored suit. What was once clothing for businessmen has since evolved into a must-have for women.