The philosophy of karma in Hindu belief transcends race and lifetimes. Each deed has a consequence and it can either affect

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Grace & Greatness
his year has been truly a T challenging time for all of us. Whatever industry, socio-economic group or age you might belong to, we all encountered something unprecedented and it changed our lives forever. On top of the pandemic, the year was also rid
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Creatively Designing Her Own Journey
We’re nearing the end of 2020 and we are just about done with all the double standards, especially those that say women can’t achieve as much as men. Women can be just as determined and passionate about making sure they reach their goals, exquisitely
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Go For Gold
These past few months–or rather majority of year–Filipinos have had their fair share of wins and losses. Since we are about a month away from the beginning of another year, we can’t deny that a continuous improvement in everyone’s lives is what we al