This may surprise you, but antibiotics (anti = against; biotic = life) are not necessarily unnatural. Most antibiotics are natural compounds produced by bacteria or fungi.

These micro-organisms produce antibiotics to protect themselves. Their tiny immune systems produce an arsenal of antibiotic biochemicals, enabling them to expand their colonies within a hostile environment threatened by other microorganisms. We live in that hostile environment as well.

So why are natural health advocates and an increasingly growing number of physicians opposed to antibiotics? The answer lies in antibiotics’ development and history. Antibiotic use goes back to the late 1920s and Dr. Alexander Fleming. As a Scottish physician, Dr. Fleming was looking for ways to kill the bacteria that infected cuts and wounds.

One day he noticed that a particular mold from the genus Penicillium was especially effective in killing bacteria. He isolated the bactericidal substance and called it penicillin.

Before this, several researchers, including microbiologists Dr.

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