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Culinary genius, bestselling author, serial restaurateur and globally recognised TV personality, Rick Stein wears many (chef’s) hats.

In a career spanning five decades – during which he’s published 20 best-selling cookery books and made more than 30 TV shows – the down-to-earth Cornish-born foodie has built a reputation for delectable dishes. But given that seafood has been his culinary currency, unlike many of his chef contemporaries he’s managed to avoid the curse of the kitchen weight gain that so often comes with the calorie-laden territory.

In the kitchen

“I’m very lucky that for the 25-odd years I was cooking, my weight was pretty regular,” Rick tells Good Health & Wellbeing.

While he’s savvy to the health benefits of seafood now, it wasn’t part of his rationale when he opened his first bistro back in 1975.

“I didn’t go out of my

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Good Health
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