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Magna Carta of modern physics

Albert Einstein SP Books, 2019 80 pages, ISBN 979-10-95457-05-3

Einstein wrote in late April 1925 to his wife, Elsa, “and thank you for doing me this favor of love.” Elsa had solved a problem that her famous husband, who was then travelling in South America, had been unable to solve: what to do with the original manuscript of his magnum opus, “The Foundation of the General Theory of Relativity”. At the time,

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Australian Sky & Telescope6 min lettiAstronomy & Space Sciences
Orion’s Newborn Nursery
When we look up into the night sky each star has its own story, each is at a different stage in its life. If we are very fortunate, as with Supernova 1987A, we may find ourselves in the right time and place to witness a massive star announce the end
Australian Sky & Telescope1 min lettiScience & Mathematics
Evostar 150 APO Refractor
US price: $2,350 Excellent optics Smooth, dual-speed 2-inch focuser Rugged carrying/ storage case Eyepieces, star diagonal and finder not included (but see below) Tube slips in its mounting rings Eyepieces, star diagonal, and finder
Australian Sky & Telescope2 min lettiAstronomy & Space Sciences
Birthplace Of Worlds
One of my favourite objects in Monoceros, the Unicorn, is the open cluster NGC 2232. You’ll find it 2° north of Beta (β) Monocerotis, which is itself a fabulous multiple star to revisit with a telescope. At magnitude 4.2 and almost a degree across, N