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10 Lessons From A Round-Britain Cruise
My experience of offshore sailing since 1987 has been a combination of snatched weekends and the odd couple of weeks’ holiday. There were so many frustrating occasions when free time coincided with bad weather, leaving only a day or two for local cru
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Planning Ahead
Marsali Taylor sails an Offshore 8M, Karima S. She’s a dinghy instructor and author of The Shetland Sailing Mysteries starring liveaboard sleuth, Cass Lynch. Early summer’s my favourite time. The days are filled with peace and promise. The gales of M
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How To Troubleshoot Your Outboard Engine
The main reason for your engine not working will be the fuel system, often because fuel has been left in the engine over winter. The fuel goes through a chemical reaction producing ethanol, which will prevent the engine from running. There may also b