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t’s the workhorse vitamin, reinforcing your bones, bolstering your immune system, and tamping down inflammation. “The strongest evidence suggests vitamin

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Grappling With Ignorance
Q&A What does being in your 20s mean to you? It means learning from different experiences that you don’t [get] from being in your parents’ house. YOU MIGHT know Mack Beggs from the photo that rocketed around the Internet after he went undefeated to w
Men's Health3 min lettiSociety
Men's Health
Richard Dorment EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jamie Prokell Creative Director Ben Court, Mike Darling Executive Editors Ben Paynter Features Editor Nojan Aminosharei Entertainment Director Jordyn Taylor, Spencer Dukoff Deputy Editors Marty Munson Health Director P
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A Blitzkrieg Of New Oktoberfest Beers
This Festbier from the Oregon-based brewer is legit. That’s because they lean on a balance of Vienna and Pilsner malts and then spike it with German hops. Tentbier pours the color of a well-worn biergarten table, and at an easygoing 5 percent ABV, th