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Going Bananas
Dear Peel, Correction: All kinds of things want to hold a slimy peel—squirrels, skunks, and mice, among others. Not only is your trash unsightly, but it also has negative impacts on wildlife. All those peels attract animals and override their instinc
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14. Rudge Rybber
AS I CLAMBER UP the rocky spine of the Appalachian’s western edge, I find my breath stolen by more than just the effort. Mountains spread before me, shrugging their sharp shoulders into the sky. The first new leaves are just beginning to show this Ma
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Beat the Bite
Craghoppers Insect Shield AdventureII Long-SleevedShirt Permethrin, a synthetic insecticide, works like bug dope for your clothes, but lasts much longer than the spray-on-skin stuff. This durable nylon top has an Insect Shield permethrin treatment th