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Runner’s High
Explore more trail in a pair of running shoes. Plus: Train to carry a heavy pack, prepare three ultralight no-cook recipes, and optimize pack space by rolling your sleeping pad the right way. PATITUCCIPHOTO ■
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The View At The End
PAUL IMPERIA Usually, geology is a slow drama, large and impersonal, unfolding over millennia. On the evening of September 12, 2009, however, the movement of rocks and ice sped up crazily on the steep slope of Grizzly Glacier, 8,000-odd feet above se
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2. Find your Path
FOOTPRINTS PEELED OFF into a lonesome canyon and we followed, around bends and across sandy benches, until the canyon walls closed in and sunlight turned to shadow. We were supposed to be nearing an exit, but there didn’t seem to be any end in sight.