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The Kew Gardener’s Guide to Growing Vegetables

by Helena Dove White Lion, £12.99

Many suppliers of vegetable seed have experienced unprecedented demand in recent weeks, as anyone who has tried to purchase seed online will be aware. There is something about a crisis that inspires a desire to be self-sufficient, if

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Nature to Note
The frenetic behaviour of brown hares during their breeding season in early spring is thought to have given rise to the phrase ‘mad as a March hare’. It is quite hard to spot these long-legged creatures in nature since they are Britain’s fastest land
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Natural Connection
The UK government has launched a new initiative led by Natural England to tackle biodiversity loss, climate change and people’s isolation from the natural world. The Nature Recovery Network aims to restore protected areas across the UK and create new
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Hort Couture
‘Adam the Gardener’ was a Sunday Express cartoon strip that raised the morale of the nation during World War II. With his craggy features and Abraham Lincoln-style beard, Adam could be seen, week by week, steadfastly digging in, tying up and potting