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The world is currently in a state of emergency. In the onslaught of the novel coronavirus pandemic, 208 countries and territories have been affected, placing 20% of the world’s population—or an estimated 1.7 billion people—on lockdown. Never has this generation seen a health crisis of this magnitude, with many predicting this to be the next global recession. While the lives of the Baby Boomers and the Gen X-ers were greatly shaped by the impact of World War II, an economic

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With hopes for escape and exploration held back with the restraints of a global health crisis, there’s a new term abuzz: revenge travel. It’s a perfect summary of the restless generation of today–a built-up desire to take a break from an imposed norm
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Anton Cojuangco introduced himself to Sofia Miranda at a common friend’s birthday party. Sofia remembers that while she found him funny, they didn’t get to talk much, and she had to leave early because she was preparing for a busy work week. Meeting
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A looming name in the contemporary art scene, Ramon Orlina’s Museo Orlina is one of those must-see places to visit when things have gotten back to normal (or as normal as possible). 2020 saw him having to close his studio for three months, but which