New Internationalist


Barn 8

by Deb Olin Unferth (And Other Stories, ISBN 9781911508885)

Aged 15, Janey Flores discovers that she has a father, and that he lives in Iowa. She leaves New York to visit him and, to spite her mother (who should have told her the truth much earlier) stays with him for two months, even though she can’t stand the man. While she is away, her mother is killed in a car crash, and Janey finds herself destined to remain in ‘big ag’ country with a father she hardly knows. She gets a job as a ‘layer hen consumer auditor’

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Some may start life as pranks – ‘how many people can we get to believe that the Earth is flat?’ – but groundless conspiracy theories can do much real-world harm. Xenophobic or racist ‘great replacement’ theories have been especially violent and drama
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